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VESTIGE #1 Graphic Novel
What if the relics of history carry their own powers and the spirits of those who had wielded them?

Frankie B. Washington
Freelance Illustrator, Comic Artist, & More

For years I have been a huge fan of Fantastic Frankie B and his robot and monster art, It came out on a Wednesday is a amazing opportunity for him to lay down his slick inking skills on this Alterna Comics cover, a must read all around and a cover to die for each release, you'll find a couple videos below about Mr.B, and this link will take you direct to his Freelance realm of epic work= Frankie B Washington's Portfolio Id love to see a full run of Alterna Comics full of his monsters and robots maybe Peter Semeti will read this and release to us some killer robot and monster books! Either way Frankie B is worth your time and wallet!!! Alterna Comics for the win!!!

____Creator Corner with FANTASTIC Frankie B. Washington!____

___Frankie B illustrating the cover for Alterna Comics  Anthology Series "It Came Out On A Wednesday___